the current weather in Obergurgl, Tyrol

Three-day weather forecast for Obergurgl

24.03.2018 // -7°C/19°F
24.03.2018 // 2°C/36°F
25.03.2018 // 2°C/36°F
Day after tomorrow
26.03.2018 // -1°C/30°F

Weather report for Obergurgl

It is due to the foehn that Saturday will bring bright, dry weather, plenty of sunshine and clear mountain tops. All day, we will see a friendly mix of sunshine and a few clouds. Temperatures will be mild.

Weather forecast for Obergurgl

Thanks to the south wind, we will once again get several hours of sunshine and mild temperatures on Sunday. The weather will then stay unstable. We will also have to say good-bye to the mild temperatures; it will cool down!

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