the current weather in Obergurgl, Tyrol

Three-day weather forecast for Obergurgl

20.11.2019 // -2°C/28°F
20.11.2019 // 2°C/36°F
21.11.2019 // 2°C/36°F
Day after tomorrow
22.11.2019 // 1°C/34°F

Weather report for Obergurgl

On Wednesday, small pressure differences will determine the weather scene, which means that the air will become stationary and that neither high nor low pressure will be dominant. Our weather will therefore be neither fish nor fowl: sunny spells and cloudy periods will alternate, with showers being very rare. The wind will be weak at all altitudes and temperatures will be around the seasonal average.

Weather forecast for Obergurgl

On Thursday, the westerly airflow will contain some dry air masses and the clouds will mostly dissipate. On Friday, the cloud will thicken again.

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