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Fondue evening

Traditional food in the heart of Obergurgl

With its open fire in the middle of the room and glass-domed ceiling revealing the starry night sky, our fondue room provides the perfect setting for a memorable evening with friends and family. Fondues are available in a number of varities and are always served with beef broth and fresh side dishes.

Each table has its own extractor fan, while dark carpets and wood-panelling create a cosy and traditional atmosphere in the heart of Obergurgl, surrounded on all sides by the mighty Ötztal Alps.

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Starry night sky

The highlight of the fondue room is the large glass dome in the middle. Located directly above the open fire, it gives guests a chance to gaze up at the starry night sky as they enjoy a hearty fondue with friends and family.


Traditional dining experience - every day from 6:30 pm

If you order in advance, we are happy to prepare a fondue and raclette variations for you per person.

Our classic Edelweiss & Gurgl fondue cooked in a hearty soup and in classic sunflower oil or a raclette with all the accomplishments.

A very special experience is our original cheese raclette.

 Our alpine „Fondue Stube“ - A special experience for the whole family and friends!

The classic Edelweiss & Gurgl Fondu

To cook in a hearty soup and pure sunflower oil, we serve fillet of beef, fillet of pork, fillet of deer, home-made sausage, filet of salmon and king prawns. 8 different sauces, oven baked potatoes, French fries, vegetables and garlic bread will make your Fondue dinner experience a special one.

62 € / person

Meat raclette

Slices of beef fillet, fillet of pork, fillet of deer, home-made sausage, filet of salmon and king prawns can be self-cooked on the raclette grill. With fresh vegetables, potatoes and original raclette cheese, you can create your own small pans and gratinate them. 

Various sauces, French fries and garlic bread complete the experience.

62 € / person

Original cheese raclette

The original raclette cheese comes with slices of white and brown bread. As an upgrade we serve potatoes, sour vegetables and bacon.

41 € / person

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Post-dinner drinks in the lounge
The perfect way to relax after a delicious fondue

Traditional fondue under a starry sky

Use your stay at the Hotel Edelweiss & Gurgl to enjoy one of the most traditional alpine dishes in a dazzling setting.