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Beauty & spa treatments at our hotel

Special massages

Tyrolean Mountain Experience

Immerse yourself in the world of the Tyrolean mountains with a gentle pine scrub followed by a full-body massage with Tyrolean pine oil.

Uses the power of the Alps|80 mins € 115,-

Hot Stone Massage

An unforgettable massage experience combining precious oils with the soothing effect of hot volcanic stones. The carefully heated stones are applied to specific energy centres in your body and guided over large muscle groups with soft pressure. Combined with gentle tapping and other specialised massage techniques, they release deep-seated blockages and alleviate pain. The mesmerising synergy of massage and warmth promotes overall wellbeing for ultimate relaxation.

Indulges the senses|80 mins € 120,-

Herbal Stamp Massage

This special body ritual uses a fragrant mixture of herbs and spices, transporting you to a haven of peace and deep relaxation. A rhythmic dance of mindful massage strokes combines with hot herbal stamps gently applied to your body for an overall soothing effect.

Calms body and mind|80 mins € 120,-

Foot Reflexology

This full-body experience targets acupressure points on the soles of your feet for a positive effect on the corresponding organs and muscles. Leaves you feeling deeply relaxed and re-balanced.

Reduces blockages|45 mins € 58,-

Leg & Foot Massage

A highly-personalised treatment, this massage uses a selection of soothing gels and precious massage oils to relieve tired muscles in your legs and feet. Classic massage strokes combine with energising techniques for a deeply relaxing and invigorating effect. Highly recommended after an active day out in the mountains.

Ideal for skiers and hikers|45 mins € 58,-

Lymphatic Drainage

Gentle massage strokes and tapping motions are applied in order to remove toxins from your body and clear blockages in the lymphatic system. This specialised technique stimulates lymphatic circulation and improves your metabolism, alleviating pain and activating the body’s defences.

Full-body|90 mins € 120,-
Face, neck and décolleté|45 mins € 58,-
Legs|50 mins € 75,-


Facial Massage

Restore inner peace and deeply relax with this massage experience, focusing on face, neck and décolleté. Improves circulation to restore the skin’s natural tone and balance.

Achieves natural tone and balance|25 mins € 35,-

Full-Body Massage

Swedish massage is one of the oldest massage techniques. It is the perfect choice if you are looking to boost your energy and release stress as well as deep-seated tension.

Releases tension and relaxes muscles|50 mins € 75,-

Back or Neck Massage

Ideal to combat tension in your neck or back.

Relaxes muscles|25 mins € 40,-

Classic Sports Massage

Enjoy a bespoke sports massage before your workout, in order to boost performance, or treat yourself to a post-workout massage, to reduce soreness and enhance recovery.

Invigorates and energises|35 mins € 50,-

Scalp Massage

A relaxing scalp massage relieves stress and tension over the scalp. It is a must for anyone suffering from tension headaches, migraines or neck and shoulder pains.

Provides relaxation|25 mins € 40,-


This form of therapy uses a combination of fragrant oils, precious minerals and vitamins to nourish your body and soul. Select essential oils provide a bespoke body experience.

Soothes body and mind|50 mins € 79,-

Private spa

Private Spa

Book this experience and treat yourself and your partner to two hours in our private spa and sauna.

The full private spa experience includes:

  • bottle of sparkling wine
  • lime-infused water
  • fresh fruit
  • selection of homemade chocolates
  • nourishing body scrub and cream
  • choice of oils carefully selected according to your body’s needs
  • candlelight atmosphere
  • hay bed for ultimate relaxation
120 mins € 138,-


!QMS Oxygen Treatment

Pamper yourself and dive into this intensely nourishing facial treatment, providing effects that last long after your treatment has ended. Our highly effective oxygen treatment combines pure oxygen with high-potency hyaluronic acid to deliver the ultimate boost of freshness – for firm, smooth and radiantly healthy skin.

90 mins € 145,-

!QMS Anti-Ageing

Powerful facial treatment for a lifting effect. The exclusive !QMS skin care line uses high-potent extracts and active ingredients in order to counteract your skin’s natural collagen loss, the main cause of ageing. Fine lines are removed and tonicity is visibly improved.

80 mins € 130,-

!QMS Intense Hydration

Combat the signs of ageing with this richly moisturising and firming treatment, designed to leave your skin looking radiantly healthy and naturally glowing. Discover the rejuvenating effect of this special ritual and enjoy the feeling of silky smooth skin.

80 mins € 120,-

!QMS for Sensitive Skin

Deeply cleanse, soothe and regenerate sensitive skin with this special facial treatment. Perfectly suited to treat blemish-prone skin and reduce inflammation. 

80 mins € 120,-

!QMS Piccolo

Highly effective !QMS treatment for face, neck and décolleté, designed to deliver instant results.

50 mins € 85,-

!QMS Quick Fix for Men

Deeply cleanse and renew with this results-driven facial massage, ideally suited to deeply nurture and hydrate male skin. The skin’s natural moisture balance is restored and tonicity improved for a smooth and refined look. 

55 mins € 90,-

Alpine Eye Contour

This Alpine-inspired treatment is designed to treat the delicate and fragile eye contour, reducing fatigue and improving resistance. Soft massage techniques stimulate gentle detoxification. Dark circles and swellings are erased.

Visibly improves eye contours|25 mins € 35,-


Spa Manicure

Our Spa Manicure begins with shaping your nails and cuticles before a gentle scrub smoothes your skin and prepares it for the richly nourishing skin care used to top off the experience.

50 mins € 50,-

Spa Pedicure

The Spa Pedicure gives your feet the care they deserve, including nail and cuticle shaping. A gentle scrub exfoliates the skin, preparing it for an intensely hydrating and nourishing finish.

50 mins € 60,-

Artistic Colour Gloss Gel Polish

With our quick-drying, scratch-proof and durable polish innovation you enjoy a glossy and neat finish for up to three weeks. No chipping or peeling. The treatment also includes nail shaping and cuticle work.

Polish for hands or feet € 50,-
Combined with a manicure or pedicure € 25,-

Beauty – treatments

Eyebrow tinting € 13,-
Eyebrow shaping € 12,-
Eyelash tinting € 15,-
Eyelash and eyebrow tinting € 25,-

Beauty – waxing services

Upper lip or chin € 12,-
Shoulder € 25,-
Underarm € 15,-
Chest € 30,-
Lower arm € 20,-
Half leg € 32,-
Back € 45,-
Full leg € 38,-

Body treatments

!QMS Back Treatment

This deep cleansing treatment is designed to target those hard-to-reach areas of your body, including the back, neck and shoulders. A soothing fruit acid exfoliant gently refines the skin while our special massage technique combats tension in your body. The treatment ends with a made-to-measure back mask, leaving your skin smooth as silk.

Cleansing and nourishing|50 mins € 85,-

!QMS Anti-Cellulite Massage

This anti-cellulite treatment is designed to release blockages in your body, specifically targeting areas in your lower body where fatty tissue typically stagnates.

25 mins € 48,-

Silky-Smooth Skin Scrub

This body scrub removes dead skin cells and stimulates blood circulation, leaving your skin soft and smooth. After the scrub, the skin is nourished with the care of your choice.

  • Honey-sugar: moisturising
  • Sea salt: detoxifying and stimulating
  • Lavender-sugar: smoothing and soothing
40 mins € 52,-

From Sole to Soul

Dive into this full-body experience, beginning with a hot towel wrap for your feet. Gentle pressure will be applied to selected energy points in your body, slowly moving from head to face and ending with a body massage for ultimate relaxation.

80 mins € 120,-