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Stay the night in the Ötztal Alps

Im Ötztal den Gipfeln nahe sein

Das Glück liegt in der Höhe: Tour zur Hütte

Why not use your holiday in the Ötztal Valley to experience an unforgettable experience high in the Alps at the Ramolhaus? This refuge, which is run by the same team as the Hotel Edelweiss & Gurgl, was the first alpine hut in the valley and can be accessed on foot. Its location on the edge of the glacier is spectacular, while its position at over 3,000 metres above sea level is quite literally breathtaking. Visit us for a night in the mountains you will never forget, complete with a pollution-free night sky full of dazzling stars.

High above the Gurgler Ferner glacier

The oldest mountain refuge in the Ötztal Valley

In 1881, several years before the opening of the Gasthaus Edelweiss in Obergurgl , the great-grandfather of Lukas Scheiber, Martin Scheiber, opened the first alpine refuge in the Ötztal Valley: the Ramolhaus.

As majestic as the Hotel Edelweiss & Gurgl itself, this high-altitude hut sits at the foot of the Gurgler Ferner glacier at an altitude of 3,006 metres above sea level.  Its easy accessibility and wonderful views make it popular with walkers and hikers from near and far. Today the hut is owned by the German Alpine Association but continues to be run by Lukas Scheiber and his team from the Hotel Edelweiss & Gurgl.

Glacier adventures

Incredible views high above the valley floor

The opening times of the hut depend on weather and snow conditons but usually last from late June until the middle of September. During the warm summer months the Ramolhaus is an excellent base camp for exploring many of the other giant peaks at the end of the Ötztal Valley. Accommodation is available.

The Ramolhaus has gained a reputation throughout the valley and beyond for its excellent local food, stylish interior and fabulous location. These are just three of the things which draw guests staying at the Hotel Edelweiss & Gurgl back up to the hut year after year – either as part of guided hikes taking around four hours from the valley or on their own. Check out our combined packages and book your stay with us at the E&G including a spectacular night in the mountains.

Austrian Alpine Club members Non-members
Room adult € 25 € 37
Dormitory adult € 15 € 27
Emergency bunk adult € 6 € 6
Room junior € 25 € 37
Dormitory junior € 12 € 24
Emergency bunk junior € 6 € 6
Room youth € 17 € 29
Dormitory youth € 7 € 19
Emergency bunk youth - € 6
Room child € 6 € 22
Dormitory child - € 6
Emergency bunk child - € 6
Food Price
Breakfast € 15
Dinner € 23
Half-board € 38

Juniors = 19-25 years / youths = 7-18 years / children = up to 6 years

"There is nothing quite like staying the night at the Ramolhaus and then getting up early the next morning to see the sun rise." Lukas Scheiber

Climb the easy way

Rucksack transport service

The Ramolhaus has its own mini cable car used to transport food and materials from the valley up to the hut. This can also be used for rucksacks and other items, leaving hikers free to climb up to the hut without the burden of a heavy backpack. Simply let us know a few days in advance and we will arrange everything.

Staying the night at the Ramolhaus

Information for mountaineers in the Ötztal Valley

Speak to a member of reception staff at the Hotel Edelweiss & Gurgl to book your stay in the Ramolhaus. Write an e-mail or give us a call. We will be happy to check the availability of beds.

Parking is availbale at the Hotel Edelweiss & Gurgl (extra charge applies).


Winter closure

From late September the Ramolhaus is closed. There is a winter room at the hut, but please make sure you let us know in advance if you are planning to use it during your time in the mountains.



6456 Obergurgl

Telephone number hut

Telephone number owner (summer)



Public transport

Train / railway station: Ötztal – Bahnhof

Bus / bus stop: Obergurgl, Vent

Car: via Obergurgl, Vent


Holiday highlight: Ramolhaus

Experience the Ötztal Alps up close and stay the night at over 3,000 metres – welcome to the Ramolhaus!